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NOVEMBER 28, 2021
PHUSHA is a political party headed by Mr. Esnel Gabriel: a university, an entrepreneur, an advisor living in Boston. The party was born in New York on the date of November 28, 2021 and has already held meetings in many cities in the United States such as: New York, Boston, Florida and many others.

PHUSHA is a young political party based on the State of Law and endogenous development. The party is administered by an honest and competent Haitian staff who believe that only unity between Haitians and Haitians can remove Haiti from the critical state it is in today.

Esnel Gabriel is a: university, entrepreneur, an advisor, a patriot who carries the love he has for Haiti inside his heart; despite after various studies in foreign countries, despite living in "Boston" for a few years, his style remains native Haitian.


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